What is The Heritage Bureau
What we do

The Heritage Bureau for Heritage and Innovation (non-profit) specialises in the presentation and interpretation of cultural heritage. We deal with all forms of heritage, both tangible and intangible, in a creative way to make them accessible to and understandable for the public. Monuments and traditions are not just witnesses of the past. They also invite […]

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projects of The Heritage Bureau

UNESCO World Heritage : The beguinage of Kortrijk (Belgium) Most beguinages were founded in the late 12th and early 13th century. They take the form of enclosed city quarters that were developed by a community of independent women. Because of their autonomous history, these gems are amongst the most well-preserved medieval parts of the Flemish […]

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What keeps us going

Heritage in the natural and urban landscape One of the strengths of the European approach to heritage, at least since the seminal European Architectural Heritage Year in 1975, is that it has always taken the bigger context into account. Heritage and monuments do not stand in isolation. They have an impact on their environment and […]

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Welcome on the website of The heritage Bureau. We are a non-profit organisation specialised in heritage and innovative interpretation and presentation.